The EcoATM is exactly what it sounds like – an ATM for encouraging and promoting eco-friendly behavior.  In other words, whatever electronic gadget you have that you no longer have any use for, rather than simply trashing it, you put it into an EcoATM, a  photo will be taken, a quote given and thereafter payment.  The quotes given are based on hundreds of electronics-recycling companies and what they would pay for it.  The machine is so technologically-advanced that it can even identify how well your internal devices are performing. 

This is particularly good for those gadgets (especially phones) that are not worth reselling.  Your EcoATM will still accept it and then give you a dollar just because you recycled.  Thereafter it will be melted in an eco-friendly way.

Currently the device is still relatively new and thus there are only around 50 of them that have been put into malls and grocery stores throughout California.  Still, the company that is behind the technology – based in San Diego – plans on installing around 500 nationwide by the end of the year.

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