Earbuds Going Wireless

swim-422546_1280Ever wanted to go swimming, or workout and listen to music at the same time but kind of ended up in a tangled mess? Now, Bragi is offering Dash earbuds that achieve exactly that. In addition, it features In-ear biometric sensors, gesture controls and live activity feedback, for sports lovers who want details of how long they have been active for, their heart rate and the amount of steps taken. For swimmers these are perfect as they are waterproof up to a meter.

Stream audio through Bluetooth and enjoy the integrated 4GB* Dash music player. You can also silence any surrounding sounds but still hear the environment around you with the audio transparency feature. You know you’ve put them in correctly when it lightens up. Tap on the earbud to get it started. No on-off button and no wires!

These earbuds retail at $299.

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