Fuse PowerSlice: Elegant Multi-Charger

For those looking for a cool, funky and very user-friendly, universal charger kit, Fuse’s PowerSlice is the latest must-have gadget.  Not only does it successfully manage all one’s cool, mobile devices, it does so in an extremely elegant way.  It is on one base that has the capacity to charge three devices at the same time, with the added, unique capacity of being able to switch out the charging slices. In other words, the PowerSlice is able to switch out the charging slices for all gadgets (this includes media players, cameras, smartphones, etc.)

Charging slices for the PowerSlice include: LG, Micro USB, Mini USB, iPod/iPhone, Samsung 20-pin.

The other neat thing about the device is that it puts an end to all those crazy cables aimlessly wondering around your living room.  This is just one station that can be put anywhere and can charge everything which has an in-built USB port, enabling Bluetooth and other devices to be powered up at all times.

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