Back to School Gadgets

Kids and young adults went back to school a few weeks ago.  Let’s take a look at what the media is telling us is out there and good.  First, this WSBT video

A lot has changed from the blackboard school days to which we were accustomed. These days it’s all tablets and computers, iPods and Kindles.  Students can at times find these somewhat overwhelming and could be challenged to keep focused during the day.  That’s why the  Sennheiser’s HD 4.50 is recommended for canceling out excess noise. They are especially good for students moving into dorms needing to share space with their peers for perhaps the first time ever.

Having trouble getting everyone in the car for the school run?  Little Ethan lost his shoes…again?  Samantha doesn’t remember where she put her gym kit?  Fear  not, the Item Finder is at your service. This miniscule companion can be hooked on to any items you often have trouble keeping hold of and we recommend putting it on those things that always have you running around at the last minute for.

The other one we really like is designed for all ages. The Paiband City Run app helps kids (and adults) accumulate points when they start moving around.  Points will result in prizes (determined by you) and really helps to motivate them to get up off their couches, put their mobile devices away and enjoy the fabulous fall weather upon us.  Personally I think it’s a great idea for the older among us too.  Build a system of 100 points is one prize: a nice dinner date for you and your loved one!

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