Clean-Up Pomegranate Consumption

Enjoy the “ART”

There have been various discussions on exactly how many seeds exist in a pomegranate.  Truthfully, it is not an exact science as every pomegranate has a different amount. Still, what cannot be disputed is the seeds are indeed numerous.  And getting them out of the pomegranate has never been easy or exactly mess-free.  Well, now, thanks to the Arils Removal Tool (ART), there is a solution.  Developed by the Shoham company, the ART is made up of a collection cup, grate and cover.  Once the pomegranate has been split and de-crowned, one half of it is placed on a grate (which is on top of the collection bowl), covered and the top is taped with a heavy spoon which knocks the arils (the seed and the flesh) free of its pith, enabling them to easily pass through the grate and end up in the collection cup for the consumer’s enjoyment.

Never again get frustrated with a pomegranate – get the ART to the rescue.

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