Celebrating Ronald Reagan

The Shapell Manuscript Foundation is an association which collects researches original manuscripts and historical documents. With an emphasis on the histories of the U.S. and the Holy Land, the Shapell Manuscript Foundation’s collection includes manuscripts of prominent political and renowned figures such as Mark Twain, Theodor Herzl and Albert Einstein.

The foundation’s current exhibition is entitled “Ronald Reagan: Celebrating the Centennial of His Birth 1911-2011.” The exhibition features manuscripts, photos and letters that present several different aspects of the 40th U.S. President’s life.  The exhibition is being held at the Beverly Hills Public Library through June.

Some of the letters in the exhibition bring to life his aggressive belief in racial equality, while the manuscripts show his condemnation of riots, anarchy and a forced state. There is also a photo of Reagan at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, upon which is written “Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall!” A letter written shortly after reign survived his own assassination attempt reads that he ‘was feeling fine,’ while another reveals his faith and optimism, stating “I’ve known the feeling you have, but from experience can tell you the best days are always the ones that lie ahead.”


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